College Football Team Ranker - Introduction

This tool will take the results of your games and produce computer rankings for your teams.

You will need the following to use the ranker:

  1. A list of team names, one per line.
  2. The total number of teams.
  3. The game results, in the specific format described on the input page.

Examples can be found by clicking the Help? links on the input page.

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The game results are probably the trickiest part. I am assuming that you will use a spreadsheet or other program to produce the results in the correct comma-separated format. Here is an example spreadsheet that you can download, which will you can use as a starting point for your own replays. If you need any help with this part, let me know.

There are two ranking systems available. Select the system you want before submitting the form.

The first ranking system is based on David Mease's Football Rankings, which in my opinion give the best results of any computer system that I have tried, and agree most closely with my assumptions about how a computer ranking system should be constructed. I have added a home field advantage parameter to his original model.

The second system is based on the Colley Matrix Rankings, which is one of the systems used in the BCS. It also does a very good job of producing rankings. The system implemented on this website has been slightly modified, by changing one constant in his matrix. In my opinion this improves the rankings by increasing the rewards for winning each game.

If you run into any problems or bugs, please .