MVP Baseball Game

Quick baseball dice game with individual stats

Over 130 years of MLB seasons available

MVP Baseball is a baseball dice game that lets you quickly play a game, while giving you individual stats for key hitters and starting pitchers that you choose. Play games with any MLB team from over 130 years of ratings.

MVP Baseball Game

With MVP Baseball, you can easily play out a team's entire schedule, and get full season statistics for the one or two Team MVPs that you choose to follow, as well as pitching statistics for the top starting pitchers. You can see how your favorite players can do in a full season replay. Each game only takes a few minutes, so full seasons can be completed.

This is also the perfect companion to a replay using APBA, Strat-o-Matic, Replay Baseball, or any other table-top game. Use MVP Baseball to play out the rest of the league schedule, and you can not only have league standings, but also track offensive and pitching leaderboards, and see who wins the batting title and who is the ERA champ.

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by Rick Teverbaugh of The Herald Bulletin (Anderson, IN)

The MVP's individual stats directly affect how many runs his team will score. With a good day, his team will rack up the runs, but with an 0-for-4, his team may be scratching for a score.

Pitchers have their full effect on the game as well. It will be tough to score runs against Roy Halladay, and your MVP will struggle to get any hits off of King Felix. Starting pitching statistics can be generated at the end of each game, so you can watch Tim Lincecum rack up the strikeouts.

Most importantly, the game is enjoyable to roll and play. Whereas with other quick games I usually want to write a computer program or spreadsheet to play the game for me, MVP Baseball has a fun Buckets o' Dice system for generating runs. This system also produces a very realistic distribution of runs scored.

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If you own the original version of MVP Baseball, read about the new Cy Young Expansion for generating pitching statistics. The new version of MVP Baseball, sold on this page, already includes this expansion.

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