Cy Young Expansion

Pitching Statistics

Add-On to Original Version of MVP Baseball

With the new Cy Young Expansion, you can generate pitching statistics for the top starting pitchers at the end of each game. Track the "Triple Crown" of pitching: ERA, Wins and Losses, and Strikeouts, and watch your favorite starters throughout the season.

At the conclusion of each game of MVP Baseball, you will now have the option of generating statistics for the starting pitchers. You can generate Innings Pitched, Earned Runs Allowed, Strikeouts, and determine Wins and Losses. The whole set of statistics simply requires a few extra dice rolls, and adds just a minute or two of playing time.

To use this expansion, you must own the original version of MVP Baseball. This is not a stand-alone game, and the expansion season sets on this page contain only the pitching ratings.

The new version of MVP Baseball includes this expansion, and the new pitching ratings are included in all the seasons. So you only need to buy this expansion if you have the original version of MVP Baseball.

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