Baseball 5.0

Baseball 5.0 is a simplified dice baseball simulation. It is designed for players who wish to play a simulation game that allows them to rate their own players and play a quick game. It requires 2 ten-sided dice and one 20-sided die.

Baseball 5.0 allows players to vary the level of detail according to their own preferences. In the most basic version, batters are rated for frequency of hits, walks, homeruns and steals, while pitchers are rated for their ability to prevent hits, walks and homeruns, as well strikeout frequency. Optional features allow for fine-tuning of extra-base hits, platoon factors, baserunning ability and catcher and outfielder throwing. An advanced version of the game incorporates range factors and individualized infielder errors. In all cases, the vast majority of plays are resolved with only a single dice roll.

Copyright 2007, 2009 by Craig Tyle. All rights reserved.